Wednesday, July 31, 2013

the one before the holidays (adventures on whatsapp)

so, i am getting really used to posting crappy cell phone pictures, but this is a post i had to do. a group of friends and i have created a whatapp hangout, where we each let all the others know the little details of everyday. and it works. because some are super busy, some are moms, some have left the country, but we honor our friendship and make sure we don't miss out on the small adventures of life.

sometimes we forget the bread, when toasting a sandwich.  

then we get excited for cooking something we have never tried before.

we get happy about the weather.

and mad at wearing our socks before the nail polish dried. 

sometimes we get excited for letting the nail polish actually dry. and love the color on our fingertips. 

we share the amazing bathroom the boat has, that lets you watch the sea, while washing your hands.

and then drink to it and make a toast for the rest of us that are not having a shot in this picture.

we go on a diet and let everybody know about it.

and we throw a good bachelor party for a friend. 

we share our working habits with each other. 

and feel so proud for making beet juice for the first time.

we send pictures to each other, while one of us is getting married. just so we have a 360 view of the bride.

we complain about the traffic.

and the notes people leave on our cars.

we ask for advice when going shopping. 

and send picture - guides to let the other know where we left the rose water for the cake recipe.

we take picture of each other driving.

and let the others know they should have joined us for dinner.

next whatsapp post will be lots of fun. there are pictures of us fighting bugs, and fish vanishing in their bowls. 
here's a song i wish to listen, while sipping a cold beer and watching the sun set. in about two days.
have a good time.
take a break.


Cloudline Chic Flows said...

To verbally join in the fun, I'll just admit I peeled off a pineapple for the very first time today and committed to starting swan exercises in front of the bathroom mirror to tone my arms. Hail to the lazy summer days resolutions. ;)

loved the song btw. so very dreamy!

new-girl-on-the-blog said...

All so wonderful!

new-girl-on-the-blog said...

All so wonderful!