Tuesday, August 20, 2013

crappy cell phone pictures: serifos

before the holidays i was brokenhearted. and i had to wait a fair amount of time to get my heart beating again.

i also got addicted to watching homeland. and then thought i could become a spy. i would make a good spy. i tell you. 

but holidays was around the corner and i was stuck with doing all the shopping before we sailed away. fruit and honey and oatmeal. stuff grown ups eat. 

but of course my mood was bad. i blame the traffic. actually i blame the traffic for many things.

but the moment came, when the boat's door opened, only to reveal paradise on earth. serifos.

here is a map and some raki. you need the map. you need the booze.

so on serifos you get to meet white horses while walking up the mountain that leads you to the traditional settlement, chora.

in chora there are lots of festivals and music and dancing. here is a very veeery old man, dancing at 2.30 am. 

but we, the young, decided to become more adventurous and form human chains, in order to save a towel blown by the wind. 

so, continuing my walks around the island, i found two trees hanging out between two abandoned houses.

and a blue truck flirting with some thorns.

and then i reached a wonderful garden with the most amazing view of the port of serifos.

the garden had grapes.

and huuuuge pumpkins.

and chairs dug into greens.

and the rest of my walk around chora included a strange corner and a very narrow street.

a bit of green here and there.

a person's decision to stop washing their clothes.

and a friendly note on our car.

but then it got too hot and i hit the beach. with company. greek style.

and how beautiful the beach was. i couldn't get enough of it. 

it had rocks that became sponge like.

and other rocks that reminded me of shark jaws.

it had us playing around or becoming serious book worms.

and a dog that was willing to chase rocks or tennis balls thrown at him for ever.

it had fresh fruit.

and people enjoying it.

and other people enjoying their toys.

and of course numbers brought to the beach from a land far far away.

and then it was time for dinner. 

there was food even on our after dinner drinks. olives. or what was left of them. 

at night we played games. girls versus boys. the boys thought it was funny to call their team knights and our team chickens. we lost. they won. whatever.

but we also went to concerts. and heard this song and this line. 

which we changed a bit, in order to get this autograph.

and early each morning, we got ourselves in zafiris, the car that offered seven individuals their own personal seat and drove home. seven people. one car. amazing. 

and then it was time to go. and it sucked real bad. even the cricket decided to commit suicide because he couldn't stand us leaving. 

we were left with this note, by our chief, to remind us of the times we had this summer in serifos.

once again. some wise words

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Anonymous said...

Very nicely told! Fruitful and happy!