Tuesday, July 23, 2013

niovi and antonis got married

one of our childhood friends got married this weekend. she was one of the coolest brides i have ever seen. relaxed and completely enjoying the whole process.

the ceremony would take place at her garden, but she had to have a proper entrance with someone driving the bride to the wedding location, so she hopped outside using the back door, waving her single life goodbye.

bridesmaids were restless waiting for niovi to arrive. 

and then decided to make the most out of their waiting, so they started playing peek a boo.

my sister and maria were excited. 

christina worked on her modeling skills. on her own. 

and with my sister.

and with my sister and her brother, who is turning into my photography coach. 

so many people turned up with their cameras. niovi and antonis is by far the most photographed wedding i have ever attended, which is super fun, since you get to see all the different styles in photography. you are stuck with mine, i'm afraid. no chance to get your hands on the other people's pictures. sorry. 

as i was saying they got married. in the garden. 

with lots of people, who later turned the lawn into a proper dance floor.

and of course there was the throwing of the bouquet. i skipped that this time. my prince charming will bring my bouquet straight to my arms. i won't have to fight with other girls over it. 

...and they lived happily ever after.  

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