Tuesday, February 9, 2016

kowloon for a day

Kowloon is right across Hong Kong island, a nice view to look at and a cool place to walk around. Full of markets: like the bird market, the fish market, the flower market and the night market. Crammed with people, asking for the price of exotic parrots and old men taking their canaries in their delicate cages out for fresh air, grasshoppers in large bags to feed the birds, flowers all wrapped up in white paper to keep them fresh and fish in plastic bags filling up walls. 
And to top it all densely populated apartment buildings and hello kitty candies in supermarkets that made us starve for some japanese food. Yes, we ate mostly Japanese in China. But that made V happy. As you can tell in the picture. 

Friday, January 22, 2016

tai chi classes

A walk around Hong Kong's Antique Shop district brought us to the dried food markets - full of strange fish that all looked orange-y and like something you wouldn't necessarily want to find in your soup. But it also revealed a beautiful neighbourhood with art shops and galleries and cafes and students and dog walkers and strange deserts and hip couples talking walks and having coffees. 
Highlight of out day was when we accidentally reached this neighbourhood basketball court complex, HK kids are really into basketball, where we watched a tai chi class. I have no idea whatsoever about tai chi, but until they finished their strange dance and we went over to say hello, I was 100% sure this was a Chinese traditional dance class. Tai Chi looks cool. 

This is a song for V and the wonderful weekend we spent in Athens. And the wonderful things that lie ahead. 

Friday, January 8, 2016

wan chai

Walking around Wan Chai, which was one of my favourite part of HK. I think it was the sense of history to it, especially near the Blue House (or House of Stories). Right on the next street you could find yourself a decent bar with a Nepalese bartender who made the best cocktails according to a Chinese lady customer who was slightly tipsy. There was a large sign in there saying: Keep Wan Chai Weird. Well we did. Few blocks away: the market had isles of vegetables and fish I had never seen before and bakeries on the street were selling the infamous egg tarts.
One for the weekend.