Monday, July 22, 2013

low-res cell phone documentation

this week, summer officially started. no, i am not on holidays. but i got the tickets. so i am halfway there. christina put some tsipouro and some small bites to celebrate the buy. 

we also watched the photograph by nikos papatakis, on athens open air film festival. it was a bit chilly, but so worth the shivering. 

saturday one of our gals got married, but that will be a separate post with normal high res pictures. but sunday, we hit the beach, so we could deal with the hangover and the hurting dancing bodies. porto rafti is another 80s phantom resort. loved it. again, i regret not having my camera with. 

but there was also constructors and constructions happening in the area. 

and the weekend ended with good food. 

and tons of ouzo. and dancing. and polykarpos who refused to tie his shoe lace. 

all in all the weekend looked like this picture christina took with her mobile. 

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