Friday, October 9, 2015

sri lanka :: day three (morning)

Sri Lanka Day Three and the rain was stronger than ever. But we decided to walk up Mulkirigala Temple Hill and just come to peace with being wet all the time. 
On the way there we stopped for supplies - coffee and coconut bread which everyone was having, so I had to give it a go. 
Mulkirigala Temple was sweet, lots of trees and green and people smiling at you and posing in front of the camera. They carried flowers to their temple and climbed the steps barefoot, as that's the way it's done apparently. We rushed up the top and just stood there, admiring the breathtaking view. Its worth the climb. 
On the way back, our driver, mr. Nilantha, made a small detour, so we could visit his sister's place, where we met her family and her son was proud of his little kitten. They gave us biscuits and light a proper fire to heat some water for some Ceylon tea. 
They were telling us how they live with no electricity, just there in the nature, between fields and jungle. What a difference it makes to step into a house with toddlers only to find them playing with each other and their pets, instead of standing in front of the TV screen. 
Our afternoon was spend in Galle, but that city was so beautiful it needs a post of its own. 

A tune for this crazy weekend. 

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Cloudline Chic Flows said...

kittens and tress and smiles. All made bright because of your resplendent soul of kindness. <3