Friday, September 18, 2015

20 hours in oman : gone

After spending August in Dubai I guess we hit the wall & decided enough is enough, and Dubai on weekends is not enough. 
Last weekend our gateway was Oman's Musandam. 
Although we set off at 8 and arrived there at 11, and the was no food served at that time, we managed to survive on potato chips and UNO (I won, but who's counting?) and made it through the night. 
The next morning we got on a boat and got to see Khasab's fiords. Just being able to swim in fairly cool waters, to beautiful mountains & rock formations was pure bliss. 
We decided to have lunch in Khasab, on a local restaurant a lady at the hotel suggested, which meant fresh fish cooked in a slight Indian way, hummus and fatush salad. The guy serving us was so excited I guess to see tourists in his restaurants he kept on smiling at as. 
Come sunset, we hopped on the car and drove back to the city. 

Oman you are cool because your people are simple & honour your tradition. You are cool because your waters are cool & your fish are even cooler. You are also cool because of the way people greet each other. I wish I were invisible and had an invisible camera with me just to witness this. 

A tune for the ride here

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