Wednesday, July 25, 2012

the photographer, the designer and the model, or how i became a model

* all pictures by athena koutromanos.
remember super sweet irini spinou of sweetcase? well she and athena koutromanos had a wonderful idea and a crazy idea. 
the wonderful idea was to create a different kind of lookbook for irini's beautiful accessories, starring every day girls in their favorite outfits and places around town.
the crazy idea was that they asked me to join all the other ladies in their project. so, i became a model for just this day. a super hot summer morning spent in the national gardens - that's the place i picked, as it is my favorite spot in downtown athens. so as you can see i am totally into it, climbing fences and hanging from plants and all... very pro, i tell you :)
but wait! i have to say that both girls were super fun to work with and i loved loved looooved how creative people can get! it's a great idea, what they had, i tell you. keep checking back on athena's blog for the rest of the photo shoots!
you can see the full post here and you can hear my thoughts here

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Eleni said...

Adore the shooting. Taken out of the fairyland of your beauty! Excellent my lovely nileta