Thursday, July 26, 2012

mytilene: vatoussa extravaganza

i am fully fully aware that this is yet another enormous post about mytilene. i just took so many pictures of so many beautiful places, i want to make sure i share everything with you. plus, i am about to continue my summer holidays, which means even more picture to share.
i say to myself: nileta, calm down. remember all those days in the winter when you had no time at all and no pictures to share and you just blogged about having no pictures to share? save some for later! but, i am all in... no need to wait until later when you can post it right now.
vatoussa has to be the most beautiful village of lesvos. please please pay close attention to the following (in random order):
a) the means of transportation around the village
b) how vatoussa gets all political in pink
c) the hairdresser's
d) the refreshments
e) the priest's garnments drying out in the sun
f) the wise person who forsees the winter cold and stores some logs in his garage.
i leave you with this song and a salty taste of sea for a long weekend. be back on tuesday to share the last imatioθiki session before eveyone hits the beach. 


babogmoro said...


love the lonely baby blue chair

sniff sniff

Cloudline Chic Flows said...

ALL hearts, all beauty!! Craving for more images!!

Inspiration partout said...

Beautiful photos!

[sen.siˈʝes] said...

i love your pictures from lesvos.
my ex bf family was from lesvos but he never took me there. we just stayed in athens. if i would have known how beautiful the island is i would have forced him to take me there :)