Thursday, June 7, 2012

quiet is wise, sometimes

i like this picture. no one else seems to like it, but i do.
it makes me happy. and i need happy right now. i woke up singing this song in my head. if i sang it out loud, i would get myself into trouble. keeping quiet sometimes is wise. tomorrow is the launching of imatioθiki men. yes. i shot a guy. had a blast, i am telling you. instead of clothes and brands and designers, i got to talk about broken bones and mafia stories and love stories and star wars. tune in tomorrow to see the rest. 
i also got a hair cut today by super talented george. made me happy as well. i told you before, i will say it again. i need happy right now. happy works for me. maybe i should take a picture of my self and post it. instead of posting this sun water heater thing. 
yes quiet is wise sometimes. so i will zip it. 


Astro Nayths said...

after 3 days in Spetses,
being under the sun...
collecting all that solar energy....
maybe you are feeling a bit...related with that aluminum solar heater :)

sofia said...

this post is so sweet!!
& I need happy right now, too!!

nileta said...

@ asto nayths
i think you are right :) your comment made me laugh.

thank you so much! let us become happy then :)

Cloudline Chic Flows said...

Sometimes images evoke a powerful appeal outside of the "beautiful or nostalgic realm" It's somethime archetypical and esoteric. I get the same feeling with pylons, so I totally get you.

About the happy thing, I'm happy to read this so I'll post the relevant song:

babogmoro said...

oh the pictorial force of the lonely and quiet solar panel...I am actually in the process of striving to pick the right one for a refurbishment and I'm lost...but happy,x