Sunday, May 27, 2012

my friend v.

i feel grateful. because i have a true friend, who in the midst of crisis becomes a brave woman and a woman of faith. and it is very sad to have unfortunate events happen in our lives, but this is who we are. we can get broken, we can get sick, we can get lonely and we can get fragile. but my friend, vivian, sees through the crisis and becomes an example of courage, dignity and honor. and today i feel sad. but most importantly i feel proud and blessed, for i have a true friend who i can depend on and who can also depend on me. and i admire her for who she is. life is way too short. and i promise myself i will cherish each moment i share with my loved ones. 
this is a great song originally posted by ioanna chatziandreou on fb. 


vivian said...

Algida was my favourite ice-cream company when I was a child. I remember my innocent & awaiting hopes to listem to my parents telling me: here some money. go to the kiosk and by ourelves ice-creams. Algida is the only icecream I am so familiar with. So, 1st pic is my childhood summer memories (is there anything better than this?). Second pic is the beauty of the world i was trying to hold from everything: my feelings, my friends, my family, my teachers etc, as a teenager. despite not being fancy, in reality it is much better that most people think. 3rd pic is our adult age. i see in this woman myself. but not only me, all of us who hope and try for the best. this picture is the hope that Lord gives to us. through His affection, His love, His perfect touch, He transmits to us the true hope, with which we can handdle hard thinds. I feel truely blessed for my wonderful & altruistic friends Nileta and her sister Alexia who help me everyday and esp. yesterday. Thank you!

nileta said...

@ vivian
amen :)

[sen.siˈʝes] said...

such a beautiful post.
true friendship is one of the most beautiful things in life!

just angelina said...

All we need this kind of friends, who remain strong and we can rely on them. True friendship is everything.

p.s Great photos.