Saturday, May 26, 2012

i am just a [farmer] girl

coming up on imatioθiki this week, a special someone, who agreed to go completely mad with her outfits!
i have been thinking about clothes a lot lately (how intellectual of me).  
whenever i have an imatioθiki session i am always pointing out all the vibrant prints and really loud pieces for the girl to wear. and i always love the final outcome. but my closet seems so full of plain whites and blacks and blues. somehow the styling does not work on me. 

oh well, i should stick to my gardening instead. i am having about 50 tomato plants on my garden growing as we speak. if each plant gives me about 20... then do the math!
have a great weekend everyone

1 comment:

Georgia Souvatzi said...

i think the same for me you know! i reaaly love every loud piece but i cannot wear it or match it on me!
As for the tomatoes send me some!!! have a nice day!