Friday, April 20, 2012

lisboa pt.3 : facades

lisboa's facades were full of laundry. oh, did you think i was going to talk about the tiles? no, i figured we could observe something else instead.  
and plants started to grow on the walls.

i have been reading kathryn stockett's the help the past few days. got it from the airport as i was travelling all  tuesday long.
i can't seem to stop reading it. i know it's a motion picture and i can rent the thing, but i prefer to read it instead.
totally recommend it. 
here is a happy tune for your weekend. 


sofia said...

I really really love the first pic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

schorlemädchen said...

beautiful colors, the first photo is just great

vivian said...

Nileta, you really took great photos! i truely love what u choose to make a photo! the hanging clothes in the 3rd picture give a totally different perspective of the view !! most people would nt take a pic of this building as a whole, but u chose to do so and now we can all have a smell of Lissabona! thank you!

*Vivika said...

lovely photos!