Thursday, April 19, 2012

lisboa pt.2 : lx facory

on my last day in lisbon i visited the lx factory, which basically is an old factory turned into an uver creative space. you could find cute cafes next to architectural offices and craftsmen removing the paint of old doors next to really hype boutiques. 

on the upper floors you could find mostly offices, and in between there were some very cleverly decorated relaxing spaces for people to hang out. i love how they added these chair backs to the concrete block. they even had a hoover vacum cleaner molded in it.

 again, i need to comment on how friendly the portuguese are. as we were walking around the corridors a guy came out of his office for a smoke and he ended up showing us around his agency, figura de estilo, and posing for my blog. and look at his surf board! he says he doesn't have the time to surf so much any more.

another cool thing about the lx factory are the toilets. yes, that's right. they change the decoration every month as we were told. but just the ladies'. so this month it was book themed.
and here is nice song from sunny california


Cloudline Chic Flows said...

I'd love to steal away to Lisbon any day after going through your compilation images. It's the perfect place to experience innovative and avant-garde ideas! I mean the book themed toilet! How cool is that! The chair backs on concrete even cooler!
I'd so want to see a part III post Nileta dear!!

nileta said...

:) thanx eleni

nileta said...
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vivian said...

very pure and "warm" photos! and I really love the 2nd one!!!!!!!!