Monday, March 12, 2012

new slang

this is my version of the woman of 2012 for more than a woman exhibition. 
it is going to be a tough year for my country and i don't think any specific woman can represent the year that is ahead of us.
but what i think is this: the woman of 2012 is the daughter. 
the generation of younger women, our daughters, to whom we owe a world where they can feel secure, protected and free. 
but also the daughter that each and every woman is, and the heritage she carries within her from the previous generation of women.
no, this is not just about women. same goes for the guys.
i also loved all the other blogger's ideas, especially despina's
amazing song from this playlist which keeps me company in my time of pain (yes, i still have the flu).

* the beautiful baby and her mother pictured above are my friend maria and her daughter victoria. 


danica said...

The image and the sentiments in your post are amazing. I love how you have encapsulated such an immense sense of hope and possibility.

Iliana said...

I love this so much! Lots of truth in your post. And awesome photo! I hope you feel better soon xx

sofia said...

Love it!!