Saturday, March 10, 2012

almond tree

so far this weekend hasn't been treating me very well. apart from the fact that the flu is still having a party over my body and all i am consuming is warm water with lemon and honey - trust me it works, or maybe not, since i am still ill. 
oh, well. highlight of my day? my walk in my garden. i am in love with almond trees, have i told you? that's right. i think almond trees are the most hopeful thing on earth! even though its cold, and the weather lady says we should be expecting snow this week, the almond tree in my garden keeps reminding me that spring is around the corner. and it also decorates the ground with its petals. what more could a girl ask for? 
highlight number two is trying to convince my dad to draw a painting of some of my favorite picture. the one with the boats is one of the best paintings he's done. 
i know i am talking too much, but there's one more thing i would like to say. have you seen this blog? it's so nice. i don't know who owns it, but the pictures and the text and the logo that changes in every new post are so fresh and well worked. 

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Cloudline Chic Flows said...

So creative and inspiring as always. Almond tree flowers are the epitome of fragile beauty and innocence for me. Also, the subtle fragrance they evoke remind me when I was walkig home from elementary school :)