Monday, November 7, 2016

the danish colors of copenhagen

Since I turned 30, I have been lucky to travel on that time of year, which sort of makes it a ritual. This year it was Copenhagen. I honestly expected something dull, boring and quite Germany-ish, but the city laughed in my face and I just couldn't get enough. Fist let me talk about shops' windows and their ever present design skills. I wanted to crawl back to my home in Athens and just throw everything out of the window and then fill my window sills with cute pieces of pottery and candles and aged furniture. 

 But then surrounding construction sites you could run into some very interesting street art: 
And somehow I found myself in front of a covered building. At first I thought it was a construction site as well, but then I realised this is their Art School and what I was looking at is sacks that used to carry coffee and rice to Africa, with signs of the labour and human effort put into loading and unloading all these goods.

And then there's typicalities. I think the Danish Girl was filmed in this neighbourhood. I truly loved the pale colors used on the facades.  

 Some contemporary housing that screams my name. No, not all Copenhagen is old and monumental. 

Everything in this city is just a perfect picture frame with the right colors. 

 I pretty much think this was a house. They had some kayaks parked on the side. That's even better than the typical Copenhagen bike as a means of personal transportation!

A restaurant with barn-like doors that revealed its cosy interior.

I think this was a design school or something. I loved how the structure brings stands out as soft and ephemeral when having a brick wall as a background. 

Strange signs. I seriously questioned the local's driving skills when seeing that sign.  
 Beautiful roses braving the cold at Tivoli park. 
 Halloween popcorn. I wished they served you at theatres. 
 And scary candy! Who would buy eye balls you could eat? Well I guess you can eat all eyeballs, keeping in mind Greeks when eating the Easter lamb. But eye ball candy?
 Yes, I was the person at the cafe taking picture of yet another plate of scrambled eggs and bacon. But it looked good and tasted fairly good and its the only picture of food i have on my camera and not on my phone, so if you are not following me on Instagram you are stuck with that. 
 My florist needs to rethink his store location.

This cat was observing passers by. She wanted to play, but all I could do was drag my finger along the window and watch her playfully go after it.  

Facade colors. Need I say more? 
And then there were folded facades that were see through, but you can't tell from the picture, so you'll have to take my word for it.  

Oh Copenhagen, you were gorgeous.  Your restaurants kicked ass and your coffee places were real true coffee shops that only served tea or coffee and had candles on the tables and small pots of plants and closed at 6. And your sausage carts gave your squares the most delightful smell of all - that of hot dog and your people are cooler than your temperature. 
Here's a huge thank you to my love, for taking me to places unexpected and unbelievably beautiful.

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