Friday, January 22, 2016

tai chi classes

A walk around Hong Kong's Antique Shop district brought us to the dried food markets - full of strange fish that all looked orange-y and like something you wouldn't necessarily want to find in your soup. But it also revealed a beautiful neighbourhood with art shops and galleries and cafes and students and dog walkers and strange deserts and hip couples talking walks and having coffees. 
Highlight of out day was when we accidentally reached this neighbourhood basketball court complex, HK kids are really into basketball, where we watched a tai chi class. I have no idea whatsoever about tai chi, but until they finished their strange dance and we went over to say hello, I was 100% sure this was a Chinese traditional dance class. Tai Chi looks cool. 

This is a song for V and the wonderful weekend we spent in Athens. And the wonderful things that lie ahead. 

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