Wednesday, June 18, 2014

stupid things

Life's going at fast forward the past few months. and this blog's been neglected.
in between humidity, temperatures I haven yet to experience, drawings, and hours spent looking at Autocad… between swimming and paddle surfing, running on the treadmill in the comfort of my building's a/c…. between good news and bad news, good days and bad days, lazy days and days to come… I remind myself of this blog and feel guilty for neglecting it.
Here's some out takes from this week's imatiothiki. At an apartment building in Dubai Marina, with a decent space for kids to play in and a super cool Barbara posing for me. 
Let's all play this song in our cars, pull down our windows, let the wind make a mess of our hair and - snap - get back to reality. 

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new-girl-on-the-blog said...

Stupid things make us feel alive (sometimes).