Tuesday, November 5, 2013

1 flamingo

i get this strange feeling in concerts. at first i try to feel at home. get a good look at everyone who's on stage. and then i look inside. for some reason i make plenty of decisions when i'm watching people perform live. 
it's not that i am not paying any attention to the music. i am. it just helps me focus. like running. but better.
so i decided i should take more pictures for me (and for you). i decided i should go to concerts more.
i decided i am pretty happy with the twenty nine years i got on my back. i decided the 1 flamingo is me.
this post is based on this genius song. this post is based on a brilliant concert given last night at six d.o.g.s. by pan pan and his friends. 

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Cloudline Chic Flows said...

Does the go in the flamingo actually drives you to far away places? ;)Either way, you become cooler, more beautiful, wiser, kinder and filled with joy of experience by the day.