Monday, October 21, 2013

adventures on whatsapp :: the one before dubai

so yes, our whatsapp adventures are getting bigger and larger. we have now occupied three continents and counting. 

some of us put space equipment on our hair and then got married.

some of us have kids that pull a picasso on their coffee table and others have kids that end up sleeping on the floor instead of the bed.

we had to face our fears and force a grasshopper move elsewhere. we used everything we had to make it go away.

we traveled to new places and decided to go east.  

we spend endless hours packing and endless hours dancing, only to take stupid photos at the break of dawn in serifos. 

we faced our fears of the deep blue see and dove in, only to find ourselves in crowns getting marriage proposals at the beach.

we cried fake tears over the keyboard and found out one fish in the jar ate the other!

we bought chairs that were a bargain, but too big to get into the house. and tons of flip flops that got torn apart for no particular reason. 

we ran a lot and camped a lot. 

we became kids again. 

we rode our bikes and got to have this view as our house view. 

we let the dentist put a drill in our mouth and let our friends throw us a big party for the little man who is about to join our company.

and some of us moved. to new places. places that will bring us joy and happiness, places that will open new ways towards our future. places that will be cherished and places that will make each and every one of our whatsapp clan miss the other. 

here's to new beginnings. here's to new beginnings everywhere. new beginnings in other cities in greece, new beginnings in boston and new beginnings in dubai. here's to new beginnings in athens. here's to my beloved sister and her exotic new life in dubai. 
here's to whoever invented whatsapp, without whom, our world wide friendship would not be the same. 

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