Wednesday, September 25, 2013

crappy cell phone pictures :: heraklion

last thursday night, i jumped on a large boat and got myself to heraklion to attend the pecha kucha event.
it was real fun and a great experience. i did bring my camera with me, but only used it to have an imatiothiki session. so i just collected a few interesting images from my crappy cell phone album to share with you.
i love love love swimming pools in boats. why? they are never filled with water and there's some sort of melancholy attached to them. they are creepy. that's what i am trying to say.
apart from the creepy swimming pool, the boat had a playroom for kids, which could have been chucky's headquarters. yes, it's filled with colors, but it was so empty and cold.

the hotel was a happy and shinny place.

suicide rocks.
and a seriously delicious cookie which is the official mascot of this year's pecha kucha and the star of next week's imatiothiki session.

then i got myself back on the boat and travelled to athens.

first song i played on my computer when i stepped home was this one. 

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Cloudline Chic Flows said...

chucky's headquarters hahahaha <3