Sunday, July 14, 2013

a trip down memory lane with my mobile's crappy camera

i spent the weekend with my sister, alexia, and my friend christina in kalamos. which used to be an 80s - 90s holiday retreat and suburbia paradise. yes, i was so bummed not to have my camera with me. but my phone worked just as fine. i think i took 80s pictures to match the 80s scenery. 
a tv made in greece. yes they used to make tvs here. 

a completely hand made dining table and chairs. 

i gave strict instructions to christina never to throw away these 70s inspired chairs. can you believe the beauty?

birds on dishes on the kitchen wall. how awesome is that?

 a veranda to become our refuge. 
 totally cool old mercedes, that makes me want to grow my nails extra long and paint them gold or pink and chew gum non stop and wear ghetto gold jewelry and cruise around the neighborhood. (i took it to far, didn't i?)
a kitchen window that makes you believe there's a jungle outside the house. 
a hose that serves as watering device for the plants, refreshing device for the afternoon heat and a shower after the beach. 
and of course there was the visit to the beach. i started reading this book about this woman, marina. she has just moved to syros from paris. she got married to a man and is falling in love with his brother. it's a scandal - i tell you. 

and then you see your typical greek small harbor. with the fishing boats, that bring back home all the good food. 

that if you are lucky enough ends on your plate, hangs out with ouzo and makes this sunset a billion times better. 

of course there was fruit. hanging around floral table wear. 

 the fruit turned into breakfast. 

 and then it dove into vodka and spearmint and became the best cocktail i have ever made. 
 that was pretty much it. we weren't listening to this song, but i think we should have. i love phantom holiday retreats. they are melancholic and fascinating at the same time. we don't get those any more. 

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