Monday, June 17, 2013

another point of view

this saturday we decided to see the city from another point of view. so we drove south to megara and hopped on a plane. 

my dad did most of the flying. that's on my to do list. learn to fly a plane. you never know what life brings you. 

what i realized is that roads look a lot cooler from the sky and their curves look a lot more appealing than when you are in your car. also, i figured there's a lot of people living in athens. the place is packed.

i also made a mental note to have a swimming pool in the house i will build for my grown up self one day. swimming pools look cool. both from above and when you are in one.  

but the beach is also nice. especially if you come across old boats like these.  

or a floating playground like the one pictured below.  

so, yes, it is a matter of perspective. it just happens to be that i am spending most of my time on the ground level and i need much more time flying up above. 

a tune for cruising. up above or down below. 

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