Monday, February 11, 2013

zarouchla bliss

so i spent the weekend with friends in zarouchla. a strange word i know. it sounds like a disease. or like something really bad. anyways. most of the time was spent drinking wine and playing games in front of the fireplace, while consuming enormous amounts of unhealthy food. but during a short walk around the village i came to find some interesting things... 
i came to find a place to rest

i came to find someone really disagreeing with their architect and deciding to completely shut down their window. 

i came to find a pillow covered in snow in the middle of the forest.

i came to find a parked car in a meadow. 

i came to find that a fireplace is enough luxury for me. 

i came to find a sign when i was lost.

but apart from those beautiful findings, i came to find the following:

. a sweet post by maria, who was imatioθiki's acrobat session
. angelica's new collaboration and website, featuring exquisite photography and aesthetics
. a song that makes me want to walk all the way to barcelona (even if i can't afford to go by plane) just watch tame impala perform live at primavera festival.

have a lovely week :)


angelica said...

hehe i like the window and the cushion! zarouchla is a funny name indeed. i wonder what it means. and i agree that fireplace can be all that you need sometimes. thanks for sharing my new venture and for your kind words! love and have a nice week you too!

Cloudline Chic Flows said...

take me with take me with! love love love all the shots but the lonely chair has to be my favorite! <3

Cloudline Chic Flows said...

Take me with take me with! Love all the shots but my favorite is the lonely chair! <3

GGOB said...

The name Zarouchla makes me smile and I love it combined with the "heavy" sense of the photos. <3