Wednesday, December 5, 2012

rear-view mirror notes

i cannot believe how good yo la tengo sound.
been listening to their albums when driving to work each day. yes, i am the creepy lady singing as loud as possible (with the windows shut - mind you). but i can totally imagine how i look in the rear view mirror of the guy in front of me.
but then again, the other day i was watching a girl change cardigans and then have a mini facial right in her car, in front of everybody.
and then a couple of days later i saw this guy, who was totally jamming and doing air guitar and drum rolling and all in his car. he looked like he was having a real party in there. but i can't lip read. just hoping he was jamming to a cool tune and not some lame song. 
seriously now.
people do fun stuff when they get bored in their cars.
oh. the picture is about boats. large ones. and small people who work on them. small in size. big in effort and skill.  


[sen.siˈʝes] said...

thanks for the link. didn't know them before.

imagining you singing in the car while driving makes me smile =)

oh and i like the picture a lot!

Vivian said...

Nileta, what a great meaning of the picture!

Also, i totally brought in my mind pictures of others in their car and mine too.......

Nileta Kotsikou said...

haha, glad i made people observe others when driving!