Thursday, December 20, 2012

a year in pictures

 i loved 2012. every single day. even the bad days turned out for the best.

starting with my mobile uploads (aka the true version of a lap dance)

* my basil and tomato plants rocked. and i made lots of home-made sauce to get me through the winter
* i finally watched all the star wars episodes
* became a model 3 times (one of which included my good friends akira mushi fw campaign)
* had my first watermelon grow in the garden
* loved tsipouro at volos
* travelled a lot around the islands
* became a pro at swimming
* had my tomatoes grow at syros as well
* used my computer too much
* imatioθiki was voted as one of the top 10 start ups at best practices forum
* shot my first lookbook
* did my first radio show with fantasmenios

but i also shot some really inspiring people and friends :)

* mr. george and his ducks
* my beautiful friend katerina, who is the most positive person i know. and she has been a great help throughout this year with her comments and excitement over whatever it is i am doing.
* olga and anna of akira mushi. the most adorable and talented girls in town.
* mr. panagiotits and his little piece of heaven on lesvos
* my first official photo shoot for ozon magazine
* eleni ilio, the master at make up
eleni who has been the most wonderful girft throughout my blogging experience.
* a really cute guy in portugal checking out the fish
* nota, who never stops smiling and making fun of every single situation, even if it is very very bad
* my sister, who is as goofy as i am
* dimitris, one of the many amazing people i had the chance of meeting in my imatioθiki adventures
* ioanna, an aegean siren

 and, finally, i visited some pretty cool places

* lesvos in june. i thought i would get super bored. turns out the island is so beautiful, you just can't get enough.
* washington d.c. in january. i was seriously blessed to speak at the national traffic conference. will never forget this.
* lisbon in spring. some urban design and architecture that really blew my mind away.
* my dear serifos in the summer.
* spetses in june.
* ha, the bird is actually from the natural history museum in kifissia. i took my dad there last january. loved the birds.
* lisbon again.
* and again.
* and then volos skyline.
* and some more washington d.c., which is the most beautiful state i have ever visited. even prettier than new york city.
* lesvos airport, the tinniest one in the whole world.
* and, of course, beautiful syros.

its been a good blessed year. and it's just the beginning. i am sure.

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