Monday, October 22, 2012

volos on wheels

despite the fact that i can't stop posting about it, well, everywhere, i think i have to say it once more: yesterday was a first for me. i got to be on the radio show of my dear friend fantasmenios. and i got to pick the music. all girls music that is.
and, of course, i was totally stressed about it, but then fantasmenios gave me three full glasses of tsipouro, which is this super strong drink (practically you are drinking pure alcohol) and then i loosened up a bit and talked like a normal person, and didn't scream on the mic. 
you can hear the show again and again here
the tsipouro that fantasmenios gave me was nothing compared to the one i drank in volos. which got me thinking about all the pictures i took while i was there. and i came up with these three. automobiles of volos. cute, huh?
if you are in athens, don't miss out on athens photo festival. here's a small taste via athens voice
if you are into good music, then play this song

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