Thursday, September 20, 2012

the great outdoors

i think this marks the end of summer.
and it also puts an end to the two unhappy years i have spent away from summer theaters.
last night was a night to remember. tr2 and mr. george organised a 20s themed party followed by the screening of the great gatsby on his estate's amazing lawn.
yes cocktails and popcorn were included. but most importantly good company was there to enjoy the night. meet eleni, her lovely friend irene and my sister, alexia.
highlight of the night? helene. a woman who's testimony was like pouring a whole cup of sugar straight into my heart.
have a good one. 


the muse and the ladybug said...

nice photos! it seems you had a nice time!

Cloudline Chic Flows said...

And yes sir! great minds think alike!! :) That was a lovely lovely night out!! :)

Vanda said...

Great idea!!!Loved the concept and Eleni was absolutely perfect once again!!!!