Wednesday, September 26, 2012

like a *boat* out of water ::: part2

last time i named a post like this (and saw a boat out of water) i was in a completely different mood.
now i really do feel like one. it's hard you know. having all this energy inside you and feeling like there is no place you can actually put it in. 
i crave to say i am optimistic, and i will be in just a sec, but right now i feel like crying my eyes out and screaming and shouting and just pfffff... oh well. 
at lest there is good art in the world.
a great short film by konstantina.
a good song that maybe can actually soothe your thoughts.
a documentary i am still trying to figure out whether i liked.
and a small trip.
and a BIG miracle, after some great deal of praying. 
all pictures were taken at mega livadi, serifos


Astro Nayths said...

cry like the rain,
scream like the wind...
the sky will be clear in a minute

and you are full of renewable energy

energy that comes to us with your photos and links.

thank u

Nileta Kotsikou said...

@ astro nayths you are a true star.

Cloudline Chic Flows said...

on repeat with lots of love :) :)

Light is always with us!