Tuesday, June 19, 2012

our rainy days, or i want to jump ship

i feel disappointed. 
i was browsing through social media the other day and i came up with a picture of some guys on a beach, with their oily bodies and their cocktails in hand. showing off their super bling bling jewelry (yes, the guys as well) and their 'i couldn't care less about what's going on in my country' look. 
when did we all become so detached from reality? how come all we seem to care about is how we are going to party and just keep on living like we do. i am not saying let's become grouchy and gloomy. but a little decency and respect on what everybody else is going through wouldn't hurt anyone. 
when did we stop loving being creative, making changes and truly connect with people, and chose posing as models and hollywood stars on our facebook profile pictures?
yes i am old. and i see things differently now. maybe i will become one of those grown ups i used to hate when i were little. the ones who would just lecture and talk and lecture and talk.
but it grieves me to see the energy we could be spending for better good, to get consumed by doing absolutely nothing.
in other words, i want to jump ship. but i am going to fight instead.



ωραίο το πλοιάριον ;)

Astro Nayths said...

U R 100% right.

It is important that you can see the forest for the trees...

Cloudline Chic Flows said...

there's that and there are people like you that make it worthwile. My song for today is the following:

ps special attention to the lyrics: