Wednesday, May 2, 2012

level of coolness

i am such a lazy person. i promised myself i would take my camera wherever i went for may 1rst.
but ended up leaving it at home. had an amazing time thought. i hang out with a friend at a park. 
seems like we are too busy to hang at parks and just talk nowadays. i am grateful for my friends. and parks. 
i also feel like a very very old person. i had a student email me, requesting help for her dissertation. it was all very polite and preppy. and i am the tutor. suposedly.
here's a song to set spring off! 
ps. how cool are my pants? i hate the fact that i will have to spend the whole summer just looking at them hanging in my closet. 
ps.2 this post is dedicated to every little try every single person is making to move forward. that's even cooler than my pants. 


Cloudline Chic Flows said...

I say hail to the content of your text. Love the esoteric side of you.

Your pants must get together with mine. The Rorschach print might generate companionship :)

Thea vintage said...

Lovely photos and nice pants!