Wednesday, May 16, 2012

blue nostalgia

today i read this wonderful post by sophia. she has this amazing blog that manages to keep a good balance between amazing images and inspiring text. 
so i started thinking about nostalgia... and i am at a point in my life where i mostly feel nostlagic about the things i am anticipating. i know it makes no sense, but not everything in life does.
but nostalgia somehow brings in mind my favorite color, blue. strange i guess. 
so, as i am spending yet another week burried in my reading and working and image editing, i searched my computer for some nostalgia and some good amount of blue.
and i came up with these two pictures. the first is a building (i don't know by whom, it was right next to the aquarium in lisboa - i should know better as an architect) which just makes me happy by looking at it. it really does. it's from a simple material and it has a simple color. and that's just fine.
the second is angela's amazing jacket, which i thought would look great next to her garden plants, so i just took it out of the closet and hang it on a bush and took a picture of it. and that's just fine as well.
as for some news, i will be shooting for the first time in my life a proper fashion editorial, with a real model (chosen by mois) and hair and make-up and studio and all for OZON magazine, in association with Effex, along with kostas (who is a total professional, which i am not) and another photographer this saturday. i am super excited and gratefull :) 
this is the song i am currently listening to


[sen.siˈʝes] said...

oh congrats! such exciting news!

i love the kings of convenience and your blue building also made me happy looking at it...same as these huuuuge monstera leaves. amazing!

dimitris said...

I'm very happy to realize that blue is the color of nostalgia!! maybe subconsciously I knew it but I never put it into words.. Good luck with the shooting on Saturday! So now except for the new imatiothiki we will be waiting for the next OZON issue!!
Good night

Cloudline Chic Flows said...

Now this could seriously create a chain of inspiration. Nostalgia and how this feeling is interpreted in different aspects of our lives... I know that is sometimes has a governing power over me that's why I thank you and Sofia for putting it into words. :)

My own tribute to nostalgia in musical form:

angelica said...

hey. i read sophia's post. and indeed i see a lot of inspiration in your words. love the building. and good luck with the photoshooting, darling!

the muse and the ladybug said...

i think we all feel a little blue and a little nostalgic these days...the thing is to make moments count! this is how we will always have things to feel nostalgic about!

nileta said...

@[ sen.siˈʝes ]
vielen vielen Dank! it feels nice to make other people happy with my pictures

isn't it? there's just something about blue, no? thank you for liking imatiothiki.

you girl not only have style, but you have amazing music taste! i can only imagine what would happen with us attending a post rock concert in high heels! xx*

thank you! i hope i live up to it. but i guess the whole point is to learn and have fun! are you in athens? do you have time for a coffee?

@the muse and the ladybug
so true :)

NICOMADE said...

i'm in agreement with the color blue as well - for me it conjures memories of being a kid running around at dusk.