Saturday, April 7, 2012

till we meet again

my friend nota is still in town, so we decided to make the best of the beautiful weather we've been getting
and visited emst's exhibitions μορφές της ζωής and frances stark. the latter was trully inspiring. i love printed letters and birds. 
oh and we walked around the national garde. you have to visit the national garden in april. it's looking its best with all the greens and blossoms.
a beloved woman attending our church slipped into eternal life this week. i feel grateful to have met her and can clearly see how she affected my life. she was a true blessing to many and all i can say is i want to be the same. 
have a wonderful weekend. 
i will be enjoying the sun, my seriously grown tomatoes, and the company of miss irini tomorrow. 


Cloudline Chic Flows said...

A digital heart <3 can only represent my feelings about this post..

Have a wonderful weekend yourself my dearest Nileta :)

sofia said...

the ideal sunny walk!! emst+national garden!! love this song!!