Thursday, April 26, 2012

lisboa pt.4 : aquarium

i am not a big fan of aquariums. my sister dragged me to watch all the fish and i think she took a million pictures of the shark on display. 
but to my surprise there is a lot of fluo colors happening underwater.
and this is all i need to think about, since i am up to my neck with papers, and conferences and drawings and taxes and all. 
but, this song makes me so happy every day - i am one of those people with disturbingly loud music played in their cars. 
this sunday i will be posting the latest imatioθiki session. stay tuned. 


christina said...

αν βρεθείς στην κρήτη να πας και στο aquarium εκεί... πήγα πέρυσι και ενώ δεν το περίμενα, εντυπωσιάστικα!

just angelina said...

popo einai toso omorfa ta xrwmata!!
wraio to tragoudi!